Hi, my name is Manu Javelle, i'm a french illustrator and animator based in Toulouse, France. After graduating from Supinfocom Arles back in 2007, I moved to London and I spent a couple of years working on a few commercial jobs. I then had the chance to join the creative team behind "The Amazing World of Gumball", an animated television series created for Cartoon Network. I was hired as the props designer on the show, and I also had the opportunity to design and animate a few other things, such as 2d FX or bespoke designs for specific episodes. I spent about 9 years on this incredible project, working in the London based studio for the first 2 seasons, and then working remotely from France for the last 4 seasons. The show went on to win 8 BAFTAS, 1 Emmy award, and is one of the most successful kids show in the world. I'm a very dedicated team member but can also work just as reliably by myself remotely. Im very eager to experiment with style and techniques and always ready to take on new challenges. If you are interested in my work feel free to contact me!
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