Designs for the Elmore Anatomy book, The Traitor epiosde, season 4.

Some electronic devices.

Some vehicles I did for Season 1.

Pickup truck design for The Vacation episode, season 3.

"Kebab Fighter" video game, season 1.

Toys set.

Character selection screen and Billy's Video game sequence in The Blame episode, season 4.

The "Mighty Flyz" toy for The Puppets episode, season 5.

The "Galaktrek" video game design for The Points episode, season 4.

FX designer Matthew Timms did a rough animation of the explosion, I was then asked to make a clean "pixel art" version of it. The Comp team did a great job for the final result! The Phone episode, season 2.

Some skateboarding posters for the kids bedroom.

The floating island, The Pest, season 4.

Video game sequence for The Sidekick episode, season 2.

A sample of food and drinks I had to do for the show.

Joyful Burger set.

Some designs I did for The Console episode, season 5.

The "Doppelgänger" arcade video game for The Name episode, season 3.

Generic school props.

Propaganda posters I did for The Vision episode, season 5.

"Zelmore" video game.

A few things I did for Bobert, the robot in the show.

Some vintage comic inspired covers (Badman character design done by William Laborie).

The "Minecraft" inspired video game for The Slide episode, season 5.

"Bro-Squad" sequence in The Guy episode, season 5.

Carrie's nightmare background for The Night episode, season 4.

Illustrations for the Box episode, season 5. Character rough posing done by Jeremy Pires.

Backgrounds illustrations for The Ollie episode, season 5.

Some kitsch paintings !

Bad 90's rap album cover inspired designs for The Crew episode, season 4.

Graphic sequence in The Vision episode, season 5.

Medical related posters.

Suburban Karate Master animation for The GI episode, season 1.

Nicole's memory box set for The List episode, season 5.

A few props to populate the school lockers.

Music related posters.

Generic computers and TVs.

Some logos for the fake companies in Elmore.

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